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05 August 2005 @ 08:58 am
ALICE CORBETT: 19 June, 1970  

I do realize that even though the date was absolute rubbish we both had our share of a good time on our date, I feel absolutely horrible writing to you write now. Don't take it the wrong way. though, you should It's just - I don't think you and me should see each other much more. It was a lovely evening, but I just feel as if you're boring there were no sparks, you know?

I feel no connection to you, and once again, my deepest and most humble apologies. Surely, we can still be good friends, yeah? Pen pals of some sort, perhaps? I think I'd like that very much. However, thank you for the lovely time and perhaps we can correspond again soon, eh? or not..

Your really good friend,