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15 August 2005 @ 12:53 pm
ALICE CORBETT: 2 September, 1971  

Another year, and so far, train ride was brilliant. Really - much more amusing than the first time. although, I didn't know anyone first year but-- I just finished watching the sorting ceremony again a good hour ago. And I realize, I must have looked ruddy stupid up there my past year. I saw one little boy, who was sorted into Hufflepuff, blushing and it got me thinking - did I look that embarrased? Gosh, I'm such a feminine whiner. Honestly. Food, as usual, was delicious. I layed off the turkey this year, Mum, just like you said. Gives me horrible cramps stomach aches. The dorm seems a lot small, actually. Perhaps it's because I've grown so accustomed to it - I wouldn't know. Therefore, I'm hoping on making it much more "alive" this year. Perhaps some of the girls in my dorm will help me sprucen it up, yeah?

One can only hope. Though, Amelia is so bloody lazy I doubt she'll do anything. How's dad been? I know after the aurors called him in for work that day, I haven't been able to say good bye before I left. Tell him I miss him lots and that I send my love. Hopefully my improvements and tiresome Transfiguration study sessions will pay off this term. I'm definitely hoping dear old Minerva noticed a difference.

No, Mum. Close your mouth. Don't want to catch flies, do we? I know, "Never call a professor by their first name, dear. Be reasonable." I'm not laughing, I swear! hah. Yeah, right. Anyways, need to head to bed. Bright and early day tomorrow, you know? Send my love to the family and gosh, mum - get some rest.

Lots of Love,