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21 August 2005 @ 05:47 pm
ALICE CORBETT: 5 April, 1973  

Okay, well I didn't get the boy of my dreams but Rabastan Lestrange - have you heard of him? - and I are now going out! It was a bit of a shocker, really. Anyways, we went to the lake today, considering he's not allowed in Hogsmeade until next term, and it was just brilliant, Matt!

I finally see why Lupin's always walking around with a giddy look on his face. It did start to rain, and he offered to keep me warm, but seeing as it was a first date, I was proper enough to kindly say no. We ran into a few of my friends - and I think some of them weren't too impressed I was dating a Slytherin. Well that didn't surprise me but if everything goes well, I'm sure it'll get better.

The thing is, is that Frank saw us together. And he looked so upset mad. I can't help but feel guilty, though, I think he'll get over it. He was the one who didn't talk to me, right? Yeah, well .. Frank's a big boy. He'll get over it.

I was asked to go to the next Quidditch match with him. Who am I to turn him down? He's so sweet, and we have loads in common. It's all just.. perfect. Unless someone comes and ruins in for us both, I think we'll do be just fine.

Well anyways, Lily's here. And I want to tell her everything. Girl chat, y'know? Thanks for everything, Matty and I'll be sure to give you the next part of drama in my life as soon as it happens. Believe me, shouldn't be long..

Still wearing a giddy expression,